Pump Construction & Features

DJ PUMP products features

  • Consistent restarts; The air valve spool is provided with an auxiliary pore path, ensure the consistent restarts successfully.
  • Lube free; The compressed air between the valve spool and the valve sleeve enables each other to be isolated, reducing the friction force and lubrication free.
  • Small compress air consumption, low air leakage; According to the size of the pump, the throttle ring and U-Cup are designed to reduce the air consumption.
  • The special structure is adopted to reduce the icing probability of pump.
  • Convenient inspection and maintenance, lowcost; The air valve assembly and the pilot valve assembly are externally designed, reducing the time and cost of maintenance.
  • More cost-effective; With scientific and precise design, the wearing parts have longer service life, thus ensuring the lower total life cycle cost of the product.