Simple Trouble-shooting Manual

Simple Manual

This is the pump simple trouble-shooting table for customer self-checking use. If you need help, please contact us for free,

No flow
Low flow
1. Pressure insufficiency
2. Chamber blocked
3. Valve closed
1. increase pressure
2. Clean the chamber
3. Open the valve
Not work1. Air Valve broken
2. Diaphragm broken
3. Muffler blocked
4. Connection Seal leakage
1. repair or change the air valve
2. change diaphragm
3. clean muffler
4. change seal
Low pumping height1. Over suction lift or too many elbows
2. Over max flow
3. Pressure insufficiency
1. make pipe short or reduce the elbows
2. turn small the discharge port valve
3. increase pressure
NoisyMuffler brokenChange Muffler

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