Use Instructions of AOD Diaphragm Pump

Use Instructions of AOD Diaphragm Pump


  • Please check air supply pipeline, especially the new air supply pipeline, to ensure that air source is dry and free of impurities (professional air filter from DJ factory can be equipped with), otherwise impurities in air will enter air path of operating pump, and the air valve will get stuck, causing the pump stopped working. In such a case, you need to disassemble the air valve and clean it up, then the pump will work normally again.
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  • Please check liquid pipeline to ensure that no debris enters the liquid path of the diaphragm pump. Path through balls, ball seats or manifolds may be blocked, causing the pump stopped working. If that happens, you need to disassemble discharge manifold & suction manifold, and remove the debris. The pump will work normally after debris is removed.
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  • AOD Diaphragm pumps, especially non-metallic diaphragm pumps may have leakage problem due to plastic creep-age. Before using pumps, you need to test the diaphragm pump with water. If any air leakage or water leakage are found, please first loosen all screws near the leakage place, and then tighten them. The leakage problem will be solved after that operation.
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  • All diaphragm pumps will be tested with water before delivery, so a small amount of water may remain in pumps, which is normal. Normally, there will be oxidation layer on pump surface after it contacts with water. The oxidation layer will not affect normal use of diaphragm pumps.
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