non-metallic air operated diaphragm pumps

DJ Non-Metallic Pump
DJ Non-Metallic Pump
DJ Non-Metallic Pump
DJ Non-Metallic Pump
DJ Metallic Pumps

metal air operated diaphragm pump

DJ Metallic Pump
DJ Metallic Pump
DJ Metallic Pump
DJ Metallic Pump

Pump Parts


  • Diaphragms                         
  • Valve Balls & Seats          
  • Pilot Valve Assembly     
  • Liquid Level Controller
  • Manifold                               
Spare Parts
DJ pump parts accessories

pump parts

Sleeve & Spool Set
Surge Damper
air filter, regulator

Heavy Duty Metallic Flap Valva Pumps

Aluminum Body.

Diaphragms: Neoprene, Buna-N Nitrile

Model: DJ-HDF2,DN6A

Model: DJ-HDF2,DB6A


All Pumps

metal air operated diaphragm flap valve pump

Pumps For Lithium Batteries

  • Applicable to the lithium battery industry
  • Does not contain iron, copper, zinc
  • Sizes: plastic pump 1/4″~2″ metal pump 1/2″~3″
  • Meet the relevant standards of the lithium battery industry
  • Certificates: CE, ATEX

Pumps For Mining

  • Aluminum shell
  • Pumps of 1.5 inches and above are designed and equipped with handles for easy transportation. Customers can choose the protective cover according to their needs to adapt to the coal mine environment.
  • Sizes: 1/2″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″
  • Possess a mining product safety mark certificate
  • Certificates: CE, ATEX, MA

Pumps For Food Hygienic

  • Applicable to the sanitary industry
  • Food grade quick connection interface, no thread connection, better meet the needs of the food industry
  • The surface of the aluminum air system is coated with food-grade epoxy resin
  • Certificates: CE, ATEX, DPTC

Gas operated pump

  • Aluminum and Stainelss Steel bodies
  • The main air path seals are all made of fluorine rubber or conductive material
  • Equipped with metal muffler and ground wire
  • It is generally applicable to occasions where explosion- proof requirements are generally required. Especially suitable for occasions driven by natural gas
  • Certificates: CE, ATEX


Technical Parameters



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